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Preparations for Zonal NASA Convention 2010 kicked off with the commencement of the academic session 2010-11. This time too, the fervour, the anxiety, the 'tempo' was at its maxima. But the goal was not winning. This time we had a greater responsibility to fulfil. IIT Kharagpur, one of the oldest architecture colleges in the country and one of the founding members of National Association of Students' of Architecture, had taken upon itself the daunting task of hosting ZoNASA 2010 for Zone 4. It had been a long wait for 6 years and although the momentum only gathered in the month of July, the gears had begun to move a long time ago. This was a show where not even the slightest of callousness could be afforded. IIT Kharagpur had in the form of a wonderful state the art infrastructure, a far-fetched reputation and a large pool of illustrious alumni, all the possible back-ups to give to its department of Architecture and Regional Planning.

ZoNASA has always been an endeared occasion for an architecture student. It is not just a fest. It is a grooming platform for the budding architects, where not only is learning from the studio shared to evoke an atmosphere of creativity, innovation and fun. It is also an exhibition of knowledge beyond the studio, in the real world, for passing on to the architects of tomorrow . This year, ZoNASA is all set to be bigger and better than ever before, with a host of new events and competitions waiting to be launched, which would cover diverse areas from Technical to Cultural and even Online.

The fest was a three day extravaganza from 3rd to 5th September 2011 - an amalgamation of events of various genres ranging from architectural design to fine and allied arts and even literary and dramatic events. No matter what talent lay in a person, we had a challenge awaiting him to tap his resources. There was Main Design, Landscape Design, Interior Design , Product Design and the other Formal Events. With these were the Informal and the Casual Events, ensuring that there is no sacrifice on the aspect of a fest. At the end of the show, you could not help saying that you had taken your deepest plunge so far ,in your college life, into the world of architecture.

With eleven colleges ready to sweat it out for the prestigious trophy, the fest kicked off on a sparkling note with the batteries getting charged to the full from an electrifying choreography performance by our department's first years and a wonderful dance rendition from the Technology Dance Group of IIT Kharagpur. The sizzle in the air at the end of the night clearly was going to stay for the next three days.

Adding to the flavour was the theme for ZoNASA 2010 : TATSAM-TATBHAV. An interplay of the source and the derived is one of the most profound 'mantras' in the field of architecture, where inspirations can be abstracted form diverse origins- form a petty termite hill or a bird's nest to the spiritual qualities of Light and Sound and the myriad colours.

It was an experience for us to cherish because for many it was a one time opportunity of conducting such a big event and successfully maintaining its grandeur. Our department is regarded as the most vibrant and an ever-active department in IIT Kharagpur. It was truly exemplified in those 3 days with almost everybody associated with the department sucked into a hectic schedule and constantly running hither and tither to ensure that not even the slightest of hitch occurs. No doubt we would not have dared to conduct this event if it had not been for our wonderful seniors and professors.

Nothing can match the satisfaction felt after seeing your guests satisfied. ZoNASA 2010 culminated into a bigger success than we thought it would be. Those were days that are still etched fresh in our memory . Everything attached with ZoNASA 2010 , the pleasant and the not so pleasant memories alike, bear a special charm now.

With the role of a host performed, we are now raring to go all guns blazing at the next ZoNASA. Get Ready!!!